Lessons Learned from a First Time Après Yogi

Kevin Harris, a novice Après Yogi but experienced beer connoisseur, visited us this morning at our weekly class at Alpine Dog Brewing Company. Here are Kevin’s top ten key takeaways and lessons learned from his brewery yoga experience:

1. You don’t get to have beer until après yoga.
2. I need a thicker yoga mat for concrete.
3. I can, and did, hurt my fat while trying to be bendy.
4. This brewery never finished painting their ceiling.
5. You can pull your back muscles while lifting your leg forward.
6. You can modify the crap out of any pose and not get shit for it.
7. They still won’t let you brew if you do yoga there.
8. Cracking jokes during yoga apparently isn’t a thing.
9. This shirt isn’t long enough to accommodate my belly without scaring the other yogis.
10. They don’t let you have the beer until après yoga.


Ha! Thanks for the laughs Kevin. And yes, no beer until after yoga.

Its all in the name: Après Yoga!

See you soon to Breathe, Bend & Brew!


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