What happens Après Yoga?

What happens Après Yoga?

The word après in French means “after” and in our case, connections happen Après Yoga!

Much like the popular Après Ski activity made popular in the Swiss Alps and adopted at numerous ski resorts across the U.S., Après Yoga is a chance for you to relax and connect over great food and drinks after an extraordinary physical experience like yoga!

After an all levels Vinyasa yoga practice, you’ll enjoy a libation of your choice and connect with like-minded individuals in an inclusive setting. This invitation to connect after class doesn't always happen in a typical yoga-studio environment but is highly encouraged at our events.

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New to yoga?

So, what really happens Après Yoga? That is, after you try yoga and introduce yoga to your life.

Well, honestly, a lot of things! Your life will probably never be the same! As seasoned Ashtanga yoga teacher and wise sage, Richard Freeman, sarcastically states “Yoga ruins your life.”

Once you start your yoga practice, you start to tune into the depths of your body, your breath and the sensations/discomforts that arise within. Free of distraction from outside influences, you  become more aware and conscious of your thoughts and what is actually present in your mind.

So without realizing it, yoga ruins your life because your life will never be the same after yoga! As you drop into your breath and move the issues through your tissues, you begin to see the world differently. Every thought, every reaction and every interaction shifts slightly.

Not only do you feel good from the physical practice but your mind begins to perceive reality in a new way. You start to lift the veil on what may be holding you back and embrace all the new beliefs that surround you after yoga

And if that doesn’t happen for you, at least you get to enjoy a libation after your practice.

Its all about balance, ya know?


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