#RoadYogi Recap #6-21st Amendment

21st Amendement Brewery – San Leandro, CA


Our Go To Brew: Hell or High Watermelon Wheat


On Saturday, June 29th, we were graciously welcomed into the bay area with an inaugural event at 21st Amendment Brewing Company in San Leandro, CA. One of our founder’s bay area beaus introduced us to this great brewery and we couldn’t have been happier to host an event while we passed through the bay.

Not only did we host a spectacular group of bay area yogis, we connected with old and new friends, enjoyed a tasty taco spread and even started a new partnership with the brewery. Our founder, Denelle, had just confirmed that she was moving to the city by the bay in the fall so it was extra special to know that we could grow our Après Yoga biz in a new city. One of the students in class, Nicole, was so excited about our yoga with benefits offering that she decided to join our team of teachers and helped to launch our monthly event in September.


Now that Denelle has officially landed in San Francisco and we’ve got Nicole on board, we are so stocked to host a monthly event at this brewery in San Leandro. Denelle & Nicole will alternate months until we decide which events to organize in 2018.


Join us for our next exceptional Après Yoga event at the East Bay location in San Leandro on Saturday, October 28th

ONLY $20 for Yoga & 1 Pint

Tickets available here.

P.S. This blog was written while enjoying a Fireside Chat, a special release seasonal brew, at the 21st Amendment location in San Francisco! 

Cheers to the 21st Amendment…am I right?!?

Its GABF Week in Denver!

The buzz has begun as GABF Week kicks off here in Denver. If you are headed to the Great American Beer Festival this weekend, please enjoy this recap from the 2016 event in our beloved Mile High City, courtesy of one of our Après Yoga teachers Molly Nowels.


If you haven’t heard of the Great American Beer Festival, you are missing out! It is the largest beer festival in the US, and this year 60,000 people attended. 3,800+ beers from 780 US breweries were served!

When you first walk in the giant convention room, you are given a small beer “glass” that holds only a few ounces. When the event officially starts, bagpipers play (loudly!) and everyone shuffles into the festival, with their hand-made pretzel necklaces (so you don’t just fill your stomach with beers). Breweries are broken up by geographic region of the US, so you can try multiple breweries from the same area of the country in a row. Some people have strategies they craft before the festival, so that they can make the most of their experience. I did not do that, but it sounds like a good idea. I decided not to try many local Denver and Colorado breweries, because I wanted to try brews that I couldn’t get regularly where I live. 

Lots of breweries have fun gimmicks to get you to try their beers. New Holland Brewing from Michigan brought their mobile camper (which also happened to be the most well air-conditioned place in the whole hall) and allowed people to go in and check out how they get around the country. Uinta Brewing from Utah set up a tent that you had to enter to get your beer! Lots of breweries have pins or stickers for festival attendees. Some breweries have flashy endcaps, but most just have a small section of a row of tables, and pour their tasty brews from pitchers.

My top beers were the Bonobos, a tasty pale ale from Monkey Paw Brewing in San Diego; Farmer’s Reserve Blackberry, a fruity sour beer from Almanac Beer Co. in San Francisco; and Raspberry Wild One, a delicious wild ale from Bells Brewery in Comstock, MI.

Along with lots of delicious beer, the festival also included a pop-up bookstore rife with books about beer and homebrewing, a silent disco, a whole section of meet-the-brewer tents for breweries from all over, and a free cheese station (this was my favorite part).

After a few hours of walking around and drinking beers, we were ready to go (I was very full of pretzels, cheese, and beer!). We didn’t stay for the entire 5-hour event, but we had a really wonderful time. Cheers! Salud! Prost! To Another Great American Beer Festival!


#RoadYogi Recap #5-Track 7 Brewing

Track 7 Brewing Company – Sacramento, CA


Our Go To Brew: Nukin’ Futz Imperial Peanut Butter Chocolate Cream Porter

On a hot and humid summer Thursday in late July, we hit the road for Sacramento and hosted a great group of yoginis at Track 7 Brewing Company in Natamos that evening. Our loyal Après Yogis in Denver, Amelia and Alex, introduced us to their friend Amanda, who worked as the Taproom Manager at Track 7 and we were fortunate enough to coordinate an event with her when we passed through Sactown.

Although we had a minor mishap in the parking lot when one of our #RoadYogi car magnets was taken, the Après Yoga event was actually a smashing success. We made new friends in Sacramento and can’t wait to go back to breathe, bend and brew with these yogis again. Stay tuned on our website for upcoming events at Track 7 Brewing Co.

Peace, love & cheers!


#RoadYogi Recap #4: Exhibit A Brewing

Exhibit A Brewing Company – Framingham, MA


Our Go to Brew: The Cat’s Meow, Hoppy & Fresh IPA

On Saturday, July 8th, we drove from Cape Cod to Framingham, MA to enjoy fresh brew at Exhibit A Brewing Company in Framingham, MA. Julie (pictured above with Denelle) suggested we make a trip to this new brewery after her visit to Denver earlier this year.

We were so fortunate to connect with Julie Après Yoga at Alpine Dog in May and then do it all over again at Exhibit A in July. The Fillon family (pictured below) showed up to breathe, bend and brew with us too. This brand new brewery is absolutely immaculate and serves up the some really creative and refreshing brew, on tap or in cans to go. Most well known for their signature IPA, The Cat’s Meow, they also have a classic Kolsh-style ale called Goody Two Shoes and some legal-inspired brews like the Briefcase Porter. While you might think that Exhibit A Brewery derives its name from the law, the name is inspired from Brewmaster’s dream of creating his own brewery. Hence, Exhibit A!

If you find yourself passing through Framingham, Mass., definitely stop by Exhibit A. Even if you can’t stay for a beer, chat with Kelsey, the manager, and grab some beer to go.

#RoadYogi Recap #4: Streetside Brewery

Streetside Brewery- Cincinnati, OH

Our Go to Brew: Gose Faced Killa, the Plum-infused Gose style brew

On Thursday, June 29th, we stopped in Cincinnati, OH to breathe, bend and brew at Streetside Brewery. A young neighborhood brewery, Streetside is a family-run brewery; the parents own the brewery, the son brews the beer and the daughter and nieces work the bar! We didn’t have a chance to stay in Cincy long but we look forward to coming back to this midwest brewery. Special thanks to the Streetside family for welcoming the yogis in to enjoy a few great brews Après Yoga!

#RoadYogi Recap #3: Perennial Artisan Ales

Sadly, the St. Louis yogis didn’t come out to enjoy Après Yoga with us but we still made it a priority to visit Perennial Artisan Ales for a few tastes of craft beer and craft snacks!

As a local craft brewery, Perennial creates unique recipes to showcase a few specialty beers in their taproom. They bottle and distribute their specialty brew as well.


Here’s a recap of the tasty lineup we tried back in June:

Suburban Beverage – Gose style Ale brewed with orange peal lime peak and key lime juice

Citra Paradisi – Dry-hopped Belgian-style Saison with Grapefruit & Brett Claussenii

Working Title – Belgian-style Pale Ale conditioned with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, kettle & dry-hopped with Crystal

Hommel Bier – Dry-hopped Belgian-style Pale Ale

Bruschetta – Whipped Blue Cheese, roasted beets, pickled strawberry, charred spring onion, pistachio, shoots

Thanks to Perennial Artisan Ales for welcoming us in and allowing us the chance to showcase their talents! Looking forward to another visit, Après Yoga next time!


#RoadYogi Recap #2: Boulevard Brewing Company

Although we didn’t have any chances to host Après Yoga events in Kansas City, we made it a point to visit Boulevard Brewing Company during our trip. Not only do we love the infamous Farmhouse Ale, Tank 7, Boulevard Brewing is an institution in KCMO and its a must see destination for beer lovers everywhere.


Après Yoga events founder Denelle took the Boulevard tour on a muggy Monday afternoon back in June and here are some fun facts she learned:

  • The art of brewing beer is 6-10K years old
  • 1960’s & 1970’s-only 44 breweries in U.S.
  • Circa 1990-150 breweries in U.S., also known as “The Dark Days of Beer”
  • Today, there are over 5,500 breweries across the U.S. for an all time high!
  • Boulevard Founder, John MacDonald, had a Beerphiany in Paris with a Belgium beer and he fell in love with all the different kinds of beer
  • Boulevard is now owned by Duvel with Firestone Walker Brewing (Pasa Robles, CA)
  • John MacDonald also started Ripple Recycling Co. in Kansas City
  • 1 barrel of beer brews 31 gallons of beer
  • 90% of beer consumed is in cans / bottles
  • Our Go to Brew: The Infamous Farmhouse Ale, Tank 7

Boulevard, you hold a special place in our hearts! We will most certainly be back to enjoy great brew Après Yoga!

#RoadYogi Recap #1: Crazy Mountain Brewing Company

Crazy Mountain Brewing Company 

Our Go to Brew: Mountain Livin’ Pale Ale


We were lucky enough to enjoy Crazy Mountain brew Après Yoga several times this summer! On Thursday, June 1st, Denelle kicked off the #RoadYogi Après Yoga tour at the Crazy Mountain Brewing Company taproom in Edwards, CO with 3 beautiful mountain yogis!

On Wednesday, June 21st, a few Après Yogis sent Denelle off on the cross-country portion of the #RoadYogi tour at Crazy Mountain Brewing Company’s Beer Garden in Denver, CO.

Another bunch of yogis came to breathe, bend & brew with our newest Après Yoga teacher, Elyse Rousseau on Saturday, June 29th at the beer garden in Denver.

It is clear that these yogis love to get a little crazy with us Après Yoga so we look forward to enjoying more Crazy Mountain brew again with you soon. Cheers!

What happens Après Yoga?

What happens Après Yoga?

The word après in French means “after” and in our case, connections happen Après Yoga!

Much like the popular Après Ski activity made popular in the Swiss Alps and adopted at numerous ski resorts across the U.S., Après Yoga is a chance for you to relax and connect over great food and drinks after an extraordinary physical experience like yoga!

After an all levels Vinyasa yoga practice, you’ll enjoy a libation of your choice and connect with like-minded individuals in an inclusive setting. This invitation to connect after class doesn't always happen in a typical yoga-studio environment but is highly encouraged at our events.

Ready to join us? Register for an upcoming event here.

New to yoga?

So, what really happens Après Yoga? That is, after you try yoga and introduce yoga to your life.

Well, honestly, a lot of things! Your life will probably never be the same! As seasoned Ashtanga yoga teacher and wise sage, Richard Freeman, sarcastically states “Yoga ruins your life.”

Once you start your yoga practice, you start to tune into the depths of your body, your breath and the sensations/discomforts that arise within. Free of distraction from outside influences, you  become more aware and conscious of your thoughts and what is actually present in your mind.

So without realizing it, yoga ruins your life because your life will never be the same after yoga! As you drop into your breath and move the issues through your tissues, you begin to see the world differently. Every thought, every reaction and every interaction shifts slightly.

Not only do you feel good from the physical practice but your mind begins to perceive reality in a new way. You start to lift the veil on what may be holding you back and embrace all the new beliefs that surround you after yoga

And if that doesn’t happen for you, at least you get to enjoy a libation after your practice.

Its all about balance, ya know?


Après Yoga Promo-Denelle.jpg

Lessons Learned from a First Time Après Yogi

Kevin Harris, a novice Après Yogi but experienced beer connoisseur, visited us this morning at our weekly class at Alpine Dog Brewing Company. Here are Kevin’s top ten key takeaways and lessons learned from his brewery yoga experience:

1. You don’t get to have beer until après yoga.
2. I need a thicker yoga mat for concrete.
3. I can, and did, hurt my fat while trying to be bendy.
4. This brewery never finished painting their ceiling.
5. You can pull your back muscles while lifting your leg forward.
6. You can modify the crap out of any pose and not get shit for it.
7. They still won’t let you brew if you do yoga there.
8. Cracking jokes during yoga apparently isn’t a thing.
9. This shirt isn’t long enough to accommodate my belly without scaring the other yogis.
10. They don’t let you have the beer until après yoga.


Ha! Thanks for the laughs Kevin. And yes, no beer until after yoga.

Its all in the name: Après Yoga!

See you soon to Breathe, Bend & Brew!