Chili Beer Fest 2016

Alpine Dog – Chili Beer Release 5/5/16

In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, I had the opportunity to partake in the Chili Beer tasting at Alpine Dog Brewing Company. The Breweries selected beers in their normal rotation and added chili varieties which is always exciting (I love being able to pair regular brews with variations!)

Here’s what they had to offer…
Anaheim and Jalapeño Miss American Rye Blonde

The regular Miss American Rye Blonde is a fantastically clean and crisp beer: perfect for summer sipping; however this beer was a great alternative for the “spicier” beer drinker. With its heavy Anaheim chili nose, clean golden color, and bright peppery finish, it’s a perfect blend for someone looking for a little kick without being overwhelming.

Habanero IPA
This beer was a nice diversion from their amazing IPA. With its nice head and hardly any detectable nose, this beer packs a punch with its heavy yet crisp pepper flavor. I got slightly fruity notes with the lingering taste. Definitely a nice beer. 

Smoked Serrano ESB Arse Over Elbows

If you’re into smoky beers, this is one you need to try. With its beautiful copper color to its complex tobacco taste, it screams scotch without the barrel aged booziness. A very well balanced beer with a smooth finish; it’s an easy sipper for anyone looking to hang for a while.

Chocolate Chili Pepper Blind Sherpa Stout with Aleppo and Guajillo Chiles and Cacao Nibs

This one was hands down my favorite of the chili beers offered due to its complexity and drinkability. It had a very strong dark chocolate nose, beautiful stout color, and smooth taste with a light peppery finish, leaving more to be desired with each sip.

If you haven’t been to Alpine Dog before, you’re in for a treat any time you go; they have their amazing standards and regularly change it up so you’re always in for a treat. And be sure to stop in on Sundays @ 10:30AM for Après Yoga and enjoy a beer after class as well as $1 off all additional pints.

Look forward to seeing you Sunday! 


Practically Native,